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Classy Dames
You and I got so much to live for
In this wacky world of ours
You and I got so much to give for
All of those lonely guys
So don't you listen to what they say
Don't believe those crazy thoughts
Cause you and I are two classy dames
When you're with them
And you kiss them
Their hearts all a flutter
In the moonlight
When the stars are right
They don't stand a chance
Cause you and I are two classy dames
You and I got the world on a string
The leaders will all fall behind us
You and I got them wrapped around our finger
All of those lonely, lonely boys
So don't you listen to what they say
Don't you believe those crazy thoughts
Cause you and I are two classy dames
Cause you and I
Are two classy dames
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Mature content
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One More Day
I've met some folks
Who say that I'm a dreamer
And I've no doubt
There's truth in what they say
But sure a body's bound to be a dreamer
When all the things he loves are far away
And precious things
Are dreams unto an exile
They take him o'er
The land across the sea
Especially when it happens he's an exile
From that dear lovely Isle of Inisfree
And when the moonlight
Peeps across the rooftops
Of this great city
Wondrous though it be
I scarcly feel its wonder or laughter
I'm once again back home in Inisfree
I wonder o'er green hills
Through dreamy valleys
And find a peace
No other land would know
I hear the birds make music fit for angels
And watch the rivers laughing
As they flow
And then into a humble shack I wander--
My dear old home--
And tenderly behold
The folks I love
Around the turf fire gathered
On bended knee
Their rosary is told
But dreams don't last
Though dreams are not forgotten
And soon I'm back
To stern reality
But though they pave
The footways here with gold dust
I still
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Twisted Reality
I lose myself in a world of make believe
Illusions surround my mind only to deceive
Worse off or better
Why should it matter?
(Chorus) I feel so alone
In a sick reality
So I lose myself
In my fantasies
I won't go back to
This twisted reality
I sink back slowly into a sea of dreams
My inner self makes things not the way they seem
Worse off or better
Why should it matter?
I can't win
Swimming in a sea of sin
I won't stay
In a world that doesn't want me anyway...
(Chorus 2x)
:iconisabelleeharlett:IsabelLeeHarlett 2 12
Lost in my sea of lonliness
I sink deeper into unconsciousness
To live or die is not my choice
Within this hell, I cannot hear my voice
I slowly slip into inebriation
As voices in my head make the implication
That I am worthless, not but a gain of salt
They say my failure is my fault
I sit in shadows in the dark
Listening to the call of a lonesome lark
I wait for death to release its might
Til then, I weep into a lonely night
As the days pass I'm thinking
As I'm slowly sinking
:iconisabelleeharlett:IsabelLeeHarlett 1 5
I'm writing you a letter from the deepest part of my heart
To understand my meaning you must read both end and start
Darling love whom I hold dear amidst the trials
Though far away, it is your face I see all the while
Do you remember nights of passion and romance?
Do you remember how we'd kiss and laugh and dance?
It's as if only yesterday we were talking about life
But then was a time of less sadness and strife
I pray every night for your return to my embrace
I wish for your soft lips to be the ones I taste
Oh, love of mine, will you ever come back?
What does the vast terrain hold that home lacks?
Do you remember the tender kisses by the fire?
What of the heated nights of passion and desire?
Assure to me that the memories you held dear
Amidst your lonely heart have not disappeared
Come back someday to hold me in your arms again
Forever I pray this to God, Amen
Think of me sometimes, I ask you to try
And now with a tear, I am saying goodbye
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My Little Prayer
O, love is it that fills this lonely heart
Emotions so strong to make dreams come true or tear them apart
I pray each night God guide me in all I do
Love be what I seek, and I pray I find it true
If tonight you take away the love I have found
My prayers of woe shall be sent heaven-bound
I ask that you save me this love I hold dear
Let me keep joy in my heart so I may not fear
Lonely nights away, for now I have peace
All doubt and worries now can cease
Now that love fills my heart with eternal light
So that amongst this infernal darkness I have sight
:iconisabelleeharlett:IsabelLeeHarlett 1 5
Dancing Faeries
Twas nighttime that befell the land
Cloak of midnight a sheltering hand
Stars above twinkled in their indigo sky
As the creatures of night flew way high
I woke from a lazy, deep sleep
I wondered what the clouds did keep
As I stared at the full moon above
Came spiraling down was a thing white as dove
It danced with a grace unmatched by all
It was beautiful, dainty, slender and tall
Did my eyes deceive me on this magical night?
Or was that a faerie floating into sight?
I opened the window to offer it stay
But without a glance it went on its way
And still sometimes when I look at the sky
I shall see little faeries dancing on high
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I've Given up on You
I'm sitting on my bed
A million thoughts crowded in my head
Thinking about the times that have passed
I'm wondering this today
If there's a will, if there's a way
To change everything that turned out so wrong
I fell asleep to the thoughts about those nights
I closed my eyes and thought of all those fights
I leaned back to sigh and wish the memories away
How I wanted to return to those better days
(Chorus) I'm praying tonight for a better night
For the times we had without these foolish fights
I'm lying in bed without you by my side
These tears I'm crying are just too damn hard to hide
There's nothing else that I can do
I'm sorry baby, but I've given up on you
I'm listening to a sad love song
Wondering where the hell I went wrong
Thinking maybe I just was never good enough
I've got a million things to say
But I know that you won't stay
No matter what I do to try and keep you here
I fell asleep to the thoughts about those nights
I closed my eyes and thought of all those fights
I leaned b
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Mature content
Every Fuckin' Day :iconisabelleeharlett:IsabelLeeHarlett 0 0
I Promise You
I see the pain in your eyes tonight
As in my loving embrace, I hold you tight
There's so much to say in such little time
So much to express in these simple rhymes
If I could take away all your pain
Stifle your tears from falling like the rain
I'd do anything to have your troubles disappear
So you could stay and hold me right here
(Chorus) I promise you
Wherever you go
I won't forget the times we've had
I promise you
Whenever I think of you
I will hold you dear in my heart
Cause this love I have for you-
Wild horses couldn't tear it away
Savor these last sweet moments with me
Forget your worries, and set your heart free
Kiss and hold me before we say goodbye
Let me hear one last contented sigh
I know the hurt you're going through
Cause all your pain, I feel it too
It is the sacrifice I've made for you
I will be with you in all you do
...Please give a smile before we say goodbye...
:iconisabelleeharlett:IsabelLeeHarlett 1 1
Tough Love
I know what you want
I know what you need
I know that for you
Everything's 'bout speed
You got those flaming eyes
I see your heart's on fire
When you look at me
I feel your desire
(Chorus) I want your tough love baby
Rock me all night
With that sweet stuff baby
You know I wanna get
Down with you baby
So gimme some of that
Tough love, tough love
I see you staring at me
As I'm shaking my hips
I know you wanna taste
My sweet, red lips
I feel that steamin' heat
Wanna get beneath your sheets
I know you wanna rock my world
So common 'n gimme some
:iconisabelleeharlett:IsabelLeeHarlett 2 2
It's Not Right
It's not right to love you
I know it's true
Maybe its what you say, or what you do
I don't know what's wrong with me
Am I blind, or is it truth I see?
I just don't know what's gotten into me
I've got the love of a good man
Sticking with him sounded like a good plan
He's what I want, everything I need
Totally selfless, he's free of greed
So tell me now
Why can't I feel the same?
Why can't I whisper his name?
Why do my words sound so lame?
So tell me now
Why is it someone else on my mind when the lights go dim?
Why can't I be happy with just loving him?
In the cold tonight, I've got something to say
He breathed heavily, but let me speak, if I may
My love belongs to another man's heart
I pray my words haven't ripped him apart
So tell me now
Why can't I feel the same?
Why can't I whisper his name?
Why do my words sound so lame?
So tell me now
Why is it someone else on my mind when the lights go dim?
Why can't I be happy with just loving him?
I never meant to make
:iconisabelleeharlett:IsabelLeeHarlett 0 12
I've Got to Tell You Tonight
There's something I need to tell you
Something I've been hiding deep inside
There's things I should've said, its true
But consistently I pushed them aside
I'm sorry to have to let you go
I never meant to break your heart
But now its too late and my feelings show
But don't forget that I've loved you from the start
Don't shed a tear
Don't you dare fear
I promise to always be here
Even though I can't love you like you love me
I swear that my friendship will always be free
But there's some things I've got to tell you tonight
I'm sorry I've torn a hole in your heart
I never meant to cause you any pain
I swear that I'll never again tear you apart
I hope that all my apologies are not in vain
Don't cry, wipe those eyes
I'll still love you
Don't fret, things will get better tomorrow
I promise you
Don't break apart, save your heart
For someone who deserves you
...I don't deserve you...
:iconisabelleeharlett:IsabelLeeHarlett 1 11
Torn in Two
I sit at my shadowed window, chin in idle palm
No peace surrounds me, I am in turmoil, not calm
I hide away mixed emotions behind shaded eyes
I pray for guidance through troubled waters, but it is the truth I despise
A chain in one hand, loyalty to a broken trust
A chain yet in the other, loyal to my lover, be I must
Heart torn between two rocky roads of confusion
True love down either path is looking like an illusion
To take one risk or to take the other is a fierce decision
Two sides of this puzzled heart may soon be cause of a collision
Be it wise to steady my mind and listen to its clear song?
Or be it wiser to listen to my heart, its lyrics coded and long?
This tangle of emotions clouds the mind til eyes are misted with tears
So wrapped up in confusion, happiness is replaced with fears
A dream of joy with one man may be the best bet yet
Or perhaps it would be true in saying joy be found with the first I met
I will walk this road of troubles, pushing aside my doubts
For decision ma
:iconisabelleeharlett:IsabelLeeHarlett 2 14
Never Stop Loving You
Sometimes life, is way too busy for one man
Sometimes we just all need a helping hand
When life takes you on a rollercoaster ride
When the waves of life go from low to high tide
Sometimes it seems, that the world is so unfair
Everyone seems to be looking at you with a glare
There's never a break from this inhumanity
All this violence and hate is turned to insanity
(Chorus) When the world turns its back on you
I'll be there to help you through
When the skies turn from blue to gray
I'll be there to brighten up your day
When no one seems to care
I will always be there
When no one seems to notice you
Remember this will always stay true
I will never stop loving you
I know that life, can turn your dreams upside down
Turn that beautiful smile into a frown
Nothing ever seems fair or right
People are always doing things out of spite
This angry world, its full of deceit and lies
The laughs of revenge and the agonizing cries
Does anyone really love or really care?
To help someone, would they ever
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im wicked siked cause last night i finally finished my novel. i wasnt really planning on it, but then again, when do things go according to plan when it comes to writing? im sure its not completely done, but this version (the 6th) is better than the last. i think its ready to go into the publishing process. i might post it up on here or, or both. im thinking bout it.


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because ive had a busy day and a long ride home, and im really really tired, im going to post up one big thank you to all who commented on my new work i posted up today. so-THANK YOU! and a happy thanksgiving to everyone!
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Sweet page, keep up =)
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